Building Together


New construction projects impact every community. At US Construction, we strive to uphold the same values by working closely with the local civic leaders so that we can conceptualize together and collaborate in building a harmonious community. 

We have been recognized in Philadelphia for our important contributions to the people and communities in the city. In the neighborhoods surrounding our development projects, we’ve been able to witness first-hand the sense of community and civic pride that the residents feel. We’ve partnered with community leaders to contribute our manpower to community events such as neighborhood clean-up days and maintaining a community park.

And a significant byproduct of our growth has been our ability to provide local employment opportunities within the construction field to the city’s residents. Every neighborhood that we build in has a unique feel but they all share a strong sense of history and community. Through a significant amount of strategic planning and collaboration with community leaders, we’re able to ensure that every project meets the needs of the existing community while we also build for the future.

We’ve been able to influence the revitalization of some of Philadelphia’s most notable and up and coming communities with our projects.

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